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Our Founders

MobileOp4 began as a journey to solve a major problem happening around the globe; a lack of access to health facilities in times of crisis. The existing solutions to natural & manmade disaster wasn't able to address cost limitations, shipping limitations, inaccessibility to supplies, & the lack of readily available "flex space" for existing facilities. So in 2019 they designed a solution, a customizable & pre-outfitted portable unit that could be deployed anywhere in under 15 minutes. By 2022 the team assembled to address how they could put this invention to use. Together they formed MobileOp4 to address the ever-growing need to accessible & immediate "flex space" across the healthcare industry in its greatest time of need. MobileOp4 partners with some of the world's leading healthcare providers to address natural disaster, health crisis, accessible healthcare, & humanitarian aid & relief across the globe. 

Meet the Team

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4311 Oaklawn Suite 210

Dallas, TX 75025



         “Transforming Access to Healthcare”

   Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace, Any Situation

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