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Meet MobileOp4

We provide robust and swiftly deployable solutions for both fixed and transportable medical operations, command and control centers, and housing facilities.

Designed for over-the-horizon deployment, our modules can be set up by just two individuals in a mere ten minutes. With customizable housing configurations accommodating up to eight occupants, our units can seamlessly connect to extend operations for various needs, including intake, triage, treatment, surgery, dormitory space, isolation facilities, evacuation centers, and field preparedness/provisioning. Proudly made in the USA.

Our Story

MobileOp4 began as a journey to solve a major problem happening around the globe; a lack of access to health facilities in times of crisis. The existing solutions to natural & manmade disaster wasn't able to address cost limitations, shipping limitations, inaccessibility to supplies, & the lack of readily available "flex space" for existing facilities. In 2019 Ric Pearson designed a solution, a customizable & pre-outfitted portable unit that could be deployed anywhere in under 15 minutes. By 2022 Ric brought in healthcare veteran & entrepreneur Jeff Blankinship, & commercial real-estate & technology entrepreneur Mark Hall to address how they could put this invention to use. Together they formed MobileOp4 to address the ever-growing need to accessible & immediate "flex space" across the healthcare industry in its greatest time of need. MobileOp4 partners with some of the world's leading healthcare providers to address natural disaster, health crisis, accessible healthcare, & humanitarian aid & relief across the globe. 

What We Value

"We wanted to create a solution that can save lives in times of crisis. Available solutions were simply too few, too small, too costly, & too far away to be effective."

MobileOp4 created a system which can convert any standard structure or area into “emergency flex space” within a matter of minutes through the use of a force multiplier. The multiplier will provide the immediate required functions while utilizing the existing space or structure for standard functions.

These facilities would routinely provide the required space and function for any emergency at a low cost, with a virtually effortless conversion time.


Safety & Security

Our modules were built to offer an affordable solutions in response to the events of the world impacting community health & safety. We aim to be a solution for accessible healthcare space.



We work to make our units globally accepted which means our tech, design, partners, & vision are driven by transparency & top notch standards.


Growth & Innovation 

Our team created a solution to a worldwide problem with backed science, world class engineers, & socially driven innovation. 


Team Work

Our goal is to make healthcare accessible when people need it most and to offer a flex space solution for a wide range of needs.


Community Outreach

Mobile Op 4 units were designed for community needs and standards to not only act as a space for accessible urban healthcare but to also provide support to difficult to access areas & connect people.



Designed by top engineers and Smart Systems enabled MO4 units are built with military grade, environmentally friendly design with redundant communications and power supply and ballistic grade materials.

Meet The Team

Mark Hall

President & CEO

Mark is the President & CEO of MOBILEOP4, cofounded as a response to global emergency healthcare needs. With over 30 years of experience, he held leadership roles in Fusion Laboratories, SimTec, Businessland, Bell Atlantic, and more. Mark co-founded multiple companies including Commerce Catalyst and BrightStar Information Technology Group. He serves on the boards of various national and regional companies, including Vision Source Optical and Capital Adventures. Mark also engages with philanthropic organizations providing economic assistance and strategic visioning for nonprofits. He studied Psychology and Management at Missouri State University.

Jeff Blankinship

Co-Founder & Partner

Jeff, co-founder of MOBILEOP4, is a healthcare innovator with over 30 years of experience. He has led various successful healthcare companies, including Surgical Notes and SmartHealth PayCard, focusing on operational excellence and software development. Jeff's expertise spans hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, and specialized care centers. He serves on the board of the Texas Ambulatory Surgery Center Society and studied Business Administration & Marketing at SMU.

Design & Development

Ric Pearson

MobileOp4's Research and Design lead, brings expertise from his role as a Divisional S-3 CBRN liaison in the U.S. Army National Guard, where he coordinated training and defense strategies against various threats. With qualifications in architecture, urban planning, and military knowledge, Ric interfaces with local and federal agencies while understanding construction and management. He holds bachelor's degrees in architecture and environmental design from the University of Houston.

Channel Partners

Jim Tokarczyk

Jim is a senior-level sales manager who builds and leads effective teams that drive profitable growth for healthcare, software, financial and technology solutions providers serving a wide range of verticals. He has broad and proven experience in business development, key account management, consultative selling, strategic planning, forecasting and sales team management. Jim has consistently delivered against revenue and growth objective while providing cutting edge technology solutions for leading players in the healthcare, financial services, retail, manufacturing, energy, higher education and consumer packaged goods industries.

CBO International 

Bill Bigelow

With over 40 years of experience, I have a broad background in sales, marketing, business development, operations, and management within modular and prefabricated structures. My projects range from remote area camps to residential, commercial, educational, and medical facilities. I've collaborated with international engineering and construction firms, oil companies, the United Nations, the U.S. Military, and various governments. I've held board positions in industry associations and governmental bodies, and I'm also an inventor and patent holder in several related fields. I graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Distribution in 1981.

Matt Hale

Matt Hale has more than 30 years of senior management experience, including a decade of strategic development and plan execution at national companies, most recently as President, Consulting & Development, for Fusion Labs, Inc. Prior to that, Hale served as President of Nonprofit Solutions Division at Fusion Labs, Inc. Additionally Matt has served in Senior Management technology related positions with YUM Brands, Pizza Hut and IBM.

Woodrow Moore

Woodrow M. Moore has devoted his 40 year career to developing progressive healthcare facilities, most recently MobileOp4 Medical Module, as well as Ambulatory Surgical Centers and Integrated Medical Plazas. Mr. Moore was awarded the Military Emergency Management Specialist (MEMS) for his achievements and disaster deployments. Moore is the honored recipient of the 1989 Oklahoma Hospital Association Outstanding Healthcare Administration Graduate Student from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. He was recognized nationally as “A CEO-To-Know” by Becker’s Healthcare Review. He is the  Founder and Former Executive Director of the Texas Ambulatory Surgery Center Society and the Hawaii ASC Association.

Director Marketing/ Communications

Samantha Wierick

Samantha Wierick is a seasoned marketing professional with a proven track record of success. She has demonstrated her expertise by revitalizing Connected Health Centers, transforming them into thriving entities under her leadership. As the CEO and founder of Gilden Media Productions, Samantha has established herself as a visionary entrepreneur in the media industry. Her deep understanding of MobileOP4 enables her to effectively showcase its features and benefits, highlighting its strengths with precision and finesse. Samantha's strategic acumen and knack for effective communication make her a formidable force in any marketing endeavor she undertakes.

Manager Marketing/Communications

Renick Hall

Renick Hall is a seasoned professional renowned for her exceptional organizational prowess and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. Working seamlessly alongside Samantha Wierick in Marketing and Operations, Renick embodies a collaborative spirit. At the helm of several enterprises, including Bootstrap Ventures and Bootstrap Developments as Founder & CEO, Renick spearheads innovative ventures with a focus on organizational efficiency and growth. Additionally, as Cofounder & Manager of Hall Family Office and Founder & Managing Partner at TEG Capital Advisors, she showcases her expertise in financial management and investment strategies. Renick's dedication to excellence and her ability to streamline operations make her an invaluable asset to every company she leads.

Director Field Support

Samuel Crofford

Sam Crofford is a seasoned professional who commands extensive experience and expertise as the Field Director for Mobile OP4. In this pivotal role, Sam adeptly handles a spectrum of field issues and orchestrates seamless deployments and outreach endeavors. With a rich background spanning diverse industries, including technical project management and financial software implementations, Sam has honed a robust skill set marked by precision and adaptability. Sam's track record of success underscores their ability to lead and manage diverse teams effectively, delivering results that exceed expectations while driving operational excellence. With a reputation for professionalism and a dedication to excellence, Sam serves as a trusted leader within the MobileOp4 team, embodying the pinnacle of experience and proficiency in their field.

Manager Feild Support

Dawson Blankinship

Dawson Blankenship, extensively mentored by his father, industry veteran Jeff Blankenship, is rapidly establishing himself as a formidable force in the medical sales sector. A distinguished graduate of Belmont University, Dawson combines academic excellence with hands-on experience to drive success. Passionate and ambitious, he is thrilled to join MobileOp4, where he eagerly anticipates leveraging his skills and knowledge to contribute to the company's growth and innovation. Dawson is dedicated to continuous learning and professional development, aiming to achieve new heights in the dynamic field of medical sales.

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